SlotCycle is your one-stop-shop that stacks the odds for buyers and sellers of used gaming equipment by making it easier than ever to connect, transact, and find solutions that drive your business.

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Buying Services

Buying and sourcing casino games, parts, and software has never been easier. Shop from the largest marketplace for gaming equipment alongside some of the biggest players in the game!


Buy the equipment and parts you need online and keep your floor running without any of the hassles from the old days. No more phone calls to try and find the right part or machine. Experience transparency with trusted sellers and place orders with confidence thanks to community feedback, escrow services, and community management.
Conveniently search for the equipment you need right from your fingertips.
Gain access to an exclusive marketplace filled with top- tier casino games, parts, and software.
Order that unique machine or part online anytime from anywhere.
Shop with transparency, accurate product information, transaction history, and seller ratings.


Looking for a specific machine or part? You're in luck! SlotCycle makes the time-consuming process of sourcing a thing of the past. Find the inventory you need with our efficient search tools. If you're having trouble searching, place a Want Ad and let our community of trusted sellers source it for you.
Save yourself hours of scouring for a part with a Want Ad.
Access to a community of sellers who can help you source a product you can't find by placing a Want Ad.
Don't know how to play?

Selling Services

SlotCycle makes getting rid of your inventory and reeling in a profit as smooth as can be. Our platform provides exclusive access to a wider audience of buyers and offers multiple avenues to sell your gaming equipment fast and at a better price than alternative methods. Do it yourself or let us take the stress off and do it for you, either way you can solve your problems and put money in the bank!


You're the dealer in this game. We provide the platform and connections to thousands of qualified buyers while you handle business. Communicate with buyers, list your inventory, and collect your winnings anytime and from anywhere.
Manage your inventory with ease, and define the terms of the sale and acceptable methods of purchase.
Gain exclusive access to a vast and vetted network of new customers.
Simplified sales process with paperwork, compliance, and negotiations streamlined and consolidated on the SlotCycle Marketplace.
Communicate directly with buyers through our two-way messaging system.
Transact with confidence as our eWallet and escrow process keeps your funds secure.


Do it yourself or let us sell it for you when you bring it to SlotCycle on consignment. We'll manage your inventory, sell it, and take on all compliance matters while you sit back and cash out to put money in the bank!
SlotCycle arranges transportation of equipment to the warehouse.
We assess the equipment, refurbish it, and handle all the certifying, packing, and shipping.
Take the stress out of selling as SlotCycle lists and sells your equipment.
Get the most coin and increase your sales volume.

Unique Gaming Solutions

Whatever issue you may be facing in the gaming industry, we're here to help. Our services extend beyond the unique marketplace you know and love.